Reason 1

Close, but just far enough

Where else in the world can you visit any of the three neighboring countries in half an hour from an idyllic Lokacija? On a comfortable highway connection, you will be able to choose the nearest exit and indulge in a winding road through green Slovenske Gorice.

Reason 2

The retreat you've only dreamed of

In Slovenske Gorice, you won’t be disturbed by the hustle and bustle of the city, and the daily stress will be relieved by the curiosity to learn about things you didn’t have time for until now. Find your piece of Gorice region and deli it with your family, friends or yourself.

Reason 3

For all Generations

The hills of Slovenske Gorice are best explored with an electric bike, where the elderly and families will enjoy the most. You will be able to stop at many holiday farms, where they will also be happy to take care of your little ones and satisfy their curiosity. Together, you will enjoy nature and countless activities that you love.

Reason 4

Diversity combined into one

Hiking, cycling, water activities, horse riding, modern presentation of tourist farms, unique cultural heritage… There are not many micro-destinations in the world where everyone can really find something for itself.

Reason 5

Closeness with Nature

Slovenske Gorice is a region with a significant increase in immigration, as people increasingly want to feel genuine contact with nature. But you can feel nature best where there is no burden of industry, a large mass of people and the commercialization of natural resources. We like to deli nature with everyone.

Reason 6

Health from Nature

Our tireless connection with nature is also reflected in the positive effects on our health. In our country, we are very much connected to bees, herbs and other useful goods from nature, which significantly contribute to our well-being. Did you know that the Slovenske Gorice region represents one of the largest concentrations of organic farms in Slovenia?

Reason 7

Unique cuisine

Slovenia is a land of diverse characters, diverse dialects and diverse cuisine. Slovenske Gorice is the land of ‘pogača’ (flat cake) and riesling. The most famous culinary specialties are ‘gibanca’, Domovmade cold cuts, meat out of ‘tünka’ and dishes enriched with Domovmade pumpkin oil. If you add top-Kvaliteta white wine to the proverbially overflowing wooden ‘pretl’, your day will be more than perfect.

Reason 8

Preserving tradition

Visitors are always impressed by the many restored Domovsteads, villas and sacred buildings. You will be able to learn about life in the past through boutique museum collections and events where traditions and customs are still preserved.

Reason 9

A wide selection of accommodation options

Stay in a hotel or in an apartment. Wake up on a farm or in an intimate piece of nature. How about sleeping in a hayloft, glamping, in an apartment house in nature? Yes, of course, because we are in Slovenske Gorice!

Reason 10

Innate Generosity of People

Have you ever experienced someone giving you more than they have? To offer you before you ask? To read your wishes from your eyes? If you have ever been to Slovenske Gorice, then the answer is definitely yes. And that’s one more reason you’ll want to come back.