Unforgettable experience

Customized experience

If you have browsed our website visitgorice.si and it has piqued your interest, you have just clicked on the right tab. Here we present to you some guiding programs in the Central Slovenske Gorice, which are designed as one-day trips led by a local tour guide. These programs are suitable for associations, interest communities or spontaneous groups, and we tried to cover both the variety of the offer and the geographical connection. We can adapt each program to individual wishes and needs, and we are happy to prepare a customized program - both a few hours and several days. For information about tourist programs, packages and excursions, you can contact our local internal tour organizer, Sončni vzhod.

We founded the local reception organizer of trips and excursions (incoming agency) Sončni vzhod on the initiative of local action groups from the urban areas of Lenart, Ljutomer, Maribor, Ptuj and Slovenska Bistrica. The aim of the agency is to connect, integrate and market even smaller local providers of gastronomy, accommodation and experiences in our area, which are less recognizable but extremely interesting from a tourist point of view. In this way, we promote the offer and develop tourism in Slovenske Gorice, Podravje, Dravsko and Ptujsko polje and Prlekija, as all the income remains and returns to the region.

When the organization of your time is taken over by the agency Sončni vzhod and a tailor-made experience is prepared for you, you will be looking forward to your day with pleasure and will be able to relax and engage in other pleasant activities in the region.

Choose from a wide range of programs and packages in Slovenske Gorice and beyond.