Do you know klopotec?
Klopotec (wind rattle) is a wooden mechanical device on a high wooden pole, similar to a windmill. It is used as a bird scarer in the vineyards of traditional wine-growing landscapes of Slovenia, Austria, and Croatia. It is one of the symbols of Slovenske Gorice.
Klopotec in Slovenske Gorice typically has four blades, driving an axis with a sail or vane that is constructed to swivel, so it is always positioned perpendicular to the wind. As the axis rotates, the wooden hammers rhythmically hit the wooden board so that it can be heard far and wide. While the Kvaliteta of the sound is dependent on the wood of which the hammers and sounding boards are made, the rattle frequency depends on the number of hammers, as well as changes in wind speed.
The device is used primarily to scare starlings and other birds off the vineyards so that they do not peck grapes. A folk belief also states that klopotec drive snakes from the vineyards and soften grapes.