The first mentions of school education at St. Andraž dates back to 1791, and regular classes began in 1812. The Vitomarci got their first permanent school building in 1864, and today it houses the premises of the Municipality of St. Andraž, the post office and the tourist information center and the clinic. The interactive museum classroom is located in the classroom of the Vitomarci Branch Primary School.

In the ‘school’ you will learn about cultural heritage, customs and legends, and at the same time you will learn about the development of education in the area of Sv. Andraž. In the museum’s interactive classroom, you will watch a presentation film and an exhibition of school supplies over time.

You will be able to choose between lessons in fiction, calculation, good behavior or singing and dancing. The most diligent students also receive a certificate of academic success.

It will be great!

Turistično društvo Vitomarci

A: Vitomarci 71, 2255 Vitomarci
T: +386 30 451 405