Take a trip through time

Cultural heritage in Slovenske Gorice is part of the environment and society in which we live. Castles, churches, homesteads, monasteries and other peculiarities of the ethnological and architectural heritage are waiting for you to discover them.

Lovers of history, architectural and architectural heritage will be delighted by Slovenske Gorice.

Travel through time and first stop at a ‘cimprača’ Domovstead with a wooden threshold, then head towards one of the characteristic ethnographic collections of old tools and implements. Along the way, admire the water wells (some of which are still working) and the old presses, and at a favorable time of the year you will enjoy the view of the plantations of the old orchards. When you look around the surrounding hills, you will definitely see at least one church, and among the sacred buildings we can highlight the Franciscan Monastery at Sveta Trojica in Slovenske Gorice, where you can see the monastery library, museum and one of the largest cellars in the region. For an additional highlight of your visit, take a tour of the nearest castle or manor, each of which has its own story.

If we turn back time a few thousand years, we will come to ancient mounds, which have not yet been explored everywhere, but which call for curiosity.