The undulating hilly world between the rivers Drava in the west and the Mura in the east is represented by the Slovenske Gorice, which is the largest hilly area and concurrently one of the sunniest areas in Slovenia.

The hilly landscape is covered with well-kept vineyards in prime Lokacijas, and the tops of the hills are adorned with numerous churches, and even if most of them today have a baroque appearance, some of them belong to the Gothic, sometimes even the Romanesque period.

The sacral architecture is complemented by many preserved castles, mansions and monasteries, which bear witness to the area’s rich past, and at the same time are the source of many stories and legends. Hidden among the vineyards are also many well-preserved Domovsteads, many of which have been restored today, which hide another architectural gem of the area, i.e. vaulted cellars.