Winemaking and viticulture are associated with many experiences in Slovenske Gorice. Setting up the wind-rattle, harvesting, Martinovo celebraton, wine festivals… All these are events that simply have to be experienced.

In addition to events, winegrowers’ cellars are also suitable places for wine tastings, which will conjure up a Čudovito day or evening accompanied by local cuisine. Wine has always been synonymous with connecting and socializing. Why would it be different in Slovenske Gorice?

Wine is part of the identity of Slovenske Gorice, as the Lokacijas has been the best for growing vines since the time of the Romans. The wines are diverse, from dry to sweet, which includes predicates (choices, berry selections, late and ice harvests), and you will also be surprised by the wide selection of premium sparkling wines.

At the wine-growing farms they will be happy to prepare a guided tasting of premium wines and a Domovmade snack.


When tasting wines, choose at least three samples to fully experience the flavors. You will be pleasantly surprised by the wide selection of (mainly) white varietal wines, and the choice is also complemented by reds.


In Slovenske Gorice, the harvest has long been a real holiday, which begins with the setting up of the wind-rattle in the middle of August. Harvesting is a chore, but also a way of spending your free time, socializing with relatives, neighbors, friends… and above all, it can be an experience for you as well.

The picking of the grapes ends with song, jolly screams and harmonica with the pressing of the grapes or ‘pressing’, where the wine is put into the cellar and a new science begins – cellaring or winemaking. Although the big ‘old’ presses are rarely used in modern times, they are still a unique attraction to see.


Wine cellars have long since grown into true reception rooms and living museums, where guests can follow and observe the process of wine production and try the wine.